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Water Heater Maintenance

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Anode Rods:   Most of us do not think of our water heater as an appliance.  Why?  Because it is usually locked away in a dark room in the basement, working behind the scenes, going pretty much unnoticed, until of course it leaks or malfunctions.  

The truth is however, your water heater is the hardest working piece of equipment in your home or business.  It never gets a day off, as it works constantly to provide you with hot water whenever you need it.  Yet, little or anything is ever done by the vast majority of us to keep the water heater in good working order, or to help prolong it’s life.  Water heaters used to be relatively cheap items.  For a couple of hundred dollars, your plumber could replace it when it started giving you trouble.  Nowadays, water heater replacements range easily over $1,000.  Does it not make sense to maintain these hard working, expensive pieces of equipment?

Every tank type water heater is equipped with a sacrificial anode rod.  It’s purpose is to allow the minerals and chemicals that naturally occur in drinking water to act upon it, as  chemicals and minerals naturally do to all metals, before they decide to act upon the tank itself.  Typically made of magnesium or aluminum, anode rods prolong the life of the tank, and are replaceable.   G&L Plumbing can replace the anode rod in your water heater, and this may buy you a few more years of life of the heater.  That said, everyone has to understand that every water heater will ultimately fail because of the hard work they do, and corrosive nature of water.  But does it not make sense to get as much time out of your heater as you can by providing it with a little preventative maintenance?  Call us today to schedule an appointment.     Next time, we will look at another way we can maintain the hardest working appliance in our home or business.