Plumbing Services

We are active members in the PHCC, a plumbing contractors association. Our services include:
  • Updating and installing all fixtures, including kitchen, bathroom, laundry & utility room fixtures
  • Installing and repairing sillcocks
  • Repairing both minor and major leaks
  • Video inspection of main lines to find and clear the blockage,
  • Locating breaks on both sewer and main lines
  • Repairing urinals & flushometer toilets
  • Jetting (clearing) sewer lines
  • Thawing frozen pipes
  • Repairing broken sewer and water lines
  • Installing & repairing of all faucets & garbage disposals
  • Cleaning grease traps & catch basins
  • Installing & repairing water heaters- both commercial and residential,
  • Backflow preventer testing and surveying
  • Solving heating problems